C&G Auto Body and Repair


  • Auto Body Repair: Our Staff of registered Auto Body Technicians insure that the safety and value of your automobile is maintained to your manufactures' specifications.
    Protect your family, passengers, and investment with our certified technicians
  • Auto Body Paint: First let us define not only the difference between body and paint work but where one stops and the other begins. Body work ends at the point where you pick up your sander or sandpaper to begin feathering the paint for primer. In other words, you've removed the dents, filled the surface irregularities with fiillers and are just about ready to apply primer but must remove the scratches first and also make the step from the metal to the surface of the old paint a smooth transition ( feathering ), this is where the body work stops and the paint work begins. 
    Save your self time and money by having the job done right the first time.
  • Car Detailing
  • Mechanical Repairs: Our staff of master class, mechanical technicians puts us above most body shops. We perform the entire repair process at one location. Most other body shops sublet the mechanical work, costing you more time and money.
    Feel secure knowing that all aspects of your repairs are done under one roof.
  • Estimating: G&C Auto Body has the latest state-of-the-art digital estimating systems. We communicate directly with insurance companies quickly, accurately and precisely. Eliminating all your worries in settling an insurance claim.
    Eliminate the hassle of your insurance claims!
  • G&C Building
  • Customer Service: G&C's highly trained, sensitive staff will guide you through all your questions. We understand how to repair your car and how to explain it to you in simple, understandable terms.
    Relax, we can handle all your needs and tell you how we're going to do it!
Auto Body Repair - AAA Certified ASE Certified Prime Buyers top 10